"People only notice BAD audio"

...Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to production audio, which is why I always provide the best possible location sound every time.


PETE BAILEY - Production Sound Mixer

You can call me a Sound Man, Production Sound Mixer, Location Sound Recordist, sometimes a Boom Op, or just plain Pete - They're all spot on.

Based in Manchester in the Northwest of England, with over 10 years of experience and over a thousand live broadcasts, as a production sound mixer world wide. Having worked on High end Commercials, Branded content, Live Broadcasts, Corporate video, Dramas, Documentaries and Feature Films, you can be assured of a professional service right the way through production.


Location sound is my passion and is the reason my wife threatens me with divorce every week. Besides all of the sound equipment I keep buying, and the fact that I keep trying to mic her up in my sleep every night (she doesn't believe me when I tell her where the best mic placement is), I always reassure her that this sound thing is just a phase I'm going through (cough)...

I also, always reassure the Director or Producer that I will capture the best possible sound on location (no sarcastic cough here), by working closely with the DoP, using a variety of equipment and microphones, always making sure that the audio matches the picture's perspective.



MY LOCATION: Being a Manchester sound man puts me smack bang in the middle of the northwest, and all major routes - typically less than an hour from the other surrounding cities. So if your production is in Liverpool, Leeds, Stoke, or even as far as Scarborough or Bristol, then give me a shout.


MY EQUIPMENT:  I own the latest top spec broadcast standard kit and and I am also well acquainted with all other production sound equipment too, wether it's location mixer/recorders, sync boxes or microphones. I am well equiped to cover every audio possibility. you can see my Kit page HERE


SOUND ASSISTANTS & POST PRODUCTION SOUND: I have many contacts in the industry when it comes to sound, so if you are struggling to find quality post production sound engineers, then I can point you in the right direction. I also use excellent sound assistants/boom ops on some of the shoots I work on who I am more than happy to pass onto other productions. Just Holla.


So if you need an experienced Production Sound Mixer, then please feel free to contact me: 07840 006612 - petesound@rocketmail.com